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The element blessing ist an activity to increase all people with their own situation beeing part of the nature and existenz in sanctuary life. It is able to bring everyone who shares in best contact with creatures and beeings of elements. You are invited to take part of this programm and help to get it grown up an make it wide out at its best.
This is an open focus experience.
If you are in the habit of meditation you´re invited do this in your way.
-Do some body exercises or the Suryanamaskar.
-Start and get connected to the supreme god,god father and god mother with thanks for blessing and protection.Also send greetings to the holy creatures of all elements, with gratitude.
-Get connected with all other group-members in saying "we are together in awareness of all elements of the world we live in and we truely are at ourselfes".
-Take a deep breath.
-With the next deep breath you absorb cosmic energie thru your head, transporting it into the body.
-Now you take another deep breath within you receive the earth-energie into your feet or into your body-basic and let flew upwards.
-Let both energies contact in your heart-center and e x p a n d.
In all directions.

Wait for the response. Regard the receiving.

To end the meditation, you slowly come back to your body.
"Back to your body completely right now!"
Send graditudes to the supreme god, to godfather and god mother, to all holy energetic beeing. Out of graditude, respect and love.

Have a nice and wonderful day.
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